Dinovember: Here Comes the Bride

We are gathered here today...

Tootsie and Vlad got married!!  Who knew that underneath their bickering and seemingly mutual dislike they were actually in love?!

So in love that this was not just a Dinos only affair, even the cat toys were invited.

Everyone was in awe of the beautiful veil to bride made herself, and loved that Vlad opted for an ascot over a bow tie.

Even Luciano, Placido, and Jose were on their best behavior.

Titus officiated.

And the smiles on Tootsie and Vlads faces lit up the room - they couldn't wait for Titus to say "You may now kiss your bride!"

And for the first time, I am proud to announce Mrs. Tootsie T-Rex and Mr. Vlad Velociraptor (Tootsie is keeping her last name)! 

Congratulations to the happy couple!