Dinovember: Football

Happy Monday everyone!

First, let me apologize for not getting the Dinos to you yesterday.  They were so tuckered out from all the nuptial partying that this is how I found them.  I myself was so tired that I didn't find them until well after dinner.

This morning, was a different story.  After a good bit of rest, it appears the Dinos had tons of energy to blow off, and what better way to do it that a game of football.

Feeling too unsteady to play carpet football, the Dinos knocked over an old painting and decided to play canvas (arena) football. 

A bit of a bossy pants, Vlad insisted that he play quarter back.

Peder ran back and forth because he'd seen pro football players do this on the TV, and..why not?!

Brutus did his best to intimidate Bronte, but that only thing scary was his breath.

Vlad was all set to throw and touchdown pass...

...but realized his team was still just roaring and making a bunch of noise.  Maybe reviewing the rules of Football would have been a good idea.