Dinovember: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Folks, this is the scene that greeted me as I stumbled in to the kitchen first thing this morning.

Immediately I began to dread the worst - the Dinos had eaten all the cat food and we'd have to try and trick the cats in to eating something the never would. 

But as I got walked passed the open drawer, and my perspective on the scene changed I realize I was wrong.

I was prepared to be annoyed and frustrated with those Dinos and then I realized that they were, in fact, doing me a favor.  The weren't eating the food, they were feeding it to the cats!

Well, mostly feeding it to the cats.

Thanks for cover the back side of the drawer Luciano - it could have been disastrous had Velcro decided to jump up and join you guys!

While that fuzzy grey face melts my heart all the time, it was nice to have a break from his 2:00 am feeding call.  Thanks for giving me a break Dinos!