February 10 on 10

Making the decision to take on a 10-on-10 project was not an easy one.  I had tried before and fallen flat on my face about 3 months in to the project.  Capturing my everyday is not an easy task for me. My work and commute take me away from my home base for nearly 12 hours each weekday, and between you and I, I struggle to see the beauty in the monotony of those 12 hours. Get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed.  And, if I'm being BRUTALLY honest with myself, it's not just a struggle to see the beauty in the monotony, it's an intrinsic struggle with whether or not it leaves me fulfilled.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love the people I work with, but there's just something about the repetition.

This month, in an effort to find something beautiful (other than my husband) in my weekday norm, I decided to photograph a day.  As I went through my images at the end of the day I struggled with how anyone could find the meaning in the images or understand the story I was trying to tell.  But after staring at the images for 40 minutes, it hit me;  sometimes the story we tell needn't be one that others can easily understand or follow. Sometimes all that matters is that we understand our story in front of our eyes.  With that thought swirling around in my head, I suddenly started to see where there was meaning and beauty, and even a story to tell in my everyday.      

This post is part of a 10-on-10 collaborative blog circle.  Please take some time to follow on in the circle and visit a photographer whose work I have long admired, the very talented Carey Pace, as she shares her 10 images!