I first moved out of state and away from the comforts of home and my family in 2003, and in the 12 years since that move I have been able to celebrate Christmas with my family, on Christmas, maybe two or three times.   When I reached out to my dad and brother in late summer I was highly doubtful that schedules would align to allow all of us to be together, here in Virginia, for Christmas but to my great delight they were both on board with making it happen!  It was such a wonderful low-key Christmas, just spending time with loved ones - so very special!

The first 11 years of my life moving every three years was my norm.  My dad served in the Army until I was in 6th grade, and during that time he was stationed in the DC area twice.  We definitely made the rounds to all the historic sites, museums, and cultural events the area has to offer when we were kids, but it has been close to 30 years since I've ventured out and visited most of them again.  Dad, being retired, decided to fly out about a week ahead of my brother and I was so excited when he mentioned he wanted to visit Williamsburg!  As a little girl, I was obsessed with all things involving times past - it didn't necessarily involve a certain time period, but if it meant wearing "old-time" clothes I was down!  Needless to say, Williamsburg was a wonderland for my costume loving little-self!

I hope you enjoy our day at Williamsburg, and if you'd like to check out our time at Jamestown, be sure to read this blog post.