May 10 on 10

It's 10 on 10 time and this month I decided to challenge myself to be more thoughtful in the way I use my cell phone camera to capture my everyday.  While I'm working on finding a safe place to relocate our camera gear to a more central part of our house, so that it's more accessible for every day use, the truth remains that the camera I have most frequently with me is my cell phone camera.  I have seen photographers capture truly stunning images with their cell phones...I get excited when a cell phone picture I take is in focus.  Just like any other piece of photography gear, to really master using my cell phone camera I need to thoughtfully practice using it.

While the challenge was to use my cell phone camera, what I feel most proud of this month is how honest these images are of our furry four-legged critters.  I have struggled with how to incorporate these guys into my every day shooting - let's be honest not everyone is a fan of people who share tons of photos of their pets, but I love this series.  So much so that I think they will not only have a home here on my blog, but also on a wall, someplace in my home.

This 10 on 10 post is part of a wonderful blog circle.  Please take some time to follow the circle, and visit the talented Lisa Howeler at Gladwynn, for a peek in to her daily life.