October 10 on 10

“Through sickness and in health…”

Those words, the ones we said in our vows just over five years ago, have been at the forefront of my mind over the last month.

David has chronic kidney stones.  I’ve watched him go through multiple lithotripsy procedures in the eight years we’ve been together, and know that he faces additional more invasive surgery for this chronic problem.  Along with kidney stones procedures, he’s gone through two hernia repairs – needless to say, I’ve become comfortable with my role as caretaker when he’s recovering.  This past month, the tables turned, and it was my turn to depend on him as I went through gallbladder surgery and recovery.

It’s not always easy to reverse roles. It’s not easy to take on the extra tasks that your partner usually takes care of, and it’s not easy to give up control when you aren’t used to being taken care of, but I am so thankful to have David by my side as we face “through sickness and in health” together.  He's been Super Husband as I have dealt with a much more difficult recovery than expected and continues to help me and carry 99% of the household tasks, never sounding or looking frustrated when I ask for help for simple things that I just can't manage quite yet.

The images below are a glimpse in to what the last 2+ weeks have been for me – time in bed resting and healing, nearly all the pillows in our house around me to keep me comfortable, fearing the staircase (it took me a whole week of recovery before attempting stairs), finding the right meds to keep me comfortable, visits from the 4-legged critters, and tender loving care from David.


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