For the last three years I've had a pretty strong itch that needed some itch called FILM.  In July, this beauty joined my camera arsenal.

I've had a lot of people look at me like I was crazy when I've expressed my desire to start shooting film.  Many have asked "Why?!?!" It's just one of those things that's really hard to express why.  Anyone love the sound of records over CD's or MP3's?  Or, how about, anyone prefer handmade over mass produced?  There's a quality to the product/music/photograph that you just can't duplicate (or duplicate easily).  And don't get me wrong, by quality I don't mean good or bad, high or low, I just mean a difference.

Loading my first roll of film in to the camera took forever, and then trying to decide what was worthy of one of the 16 shots I had on each roll was painful. I wanted to make sure every shot counted.  I slowed down, I looked at my subject from different angles, and then made a decision whether to push the shutter release button or not.  My first roll of film took two trips to Chincoteague to finish.  My second roll of film took about 45 minutes to shoot thanks to my awesome sister-in-law who is always willing to be a model when I'm trying some new technique or gear out!

After what felt like weeks and weeks of waiting, I finally got an email from the lab saying that my scans were ready to download. I help my breath as I downloaded everything to my computer and opened up the files.  I was certain none of the frames I shot would be keepers, but I was wrong.  I was over the moon to see that my patience shooting paid off, rather than one or two keepers from each roll, there were only one or two discards.  There's definitely room for improvement, but for my first rolls of film shot in nearly 20 years, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Stay tuned, more film images are in the works!