Dinovember: Gone Fishin'

Jealous of the beautiful weather the daylight hours bestowed on the humans, the Dinos took it upon themselves to enjoy a day at the fishin' hole.

Titus and Truman worked on their casting skills, rather than focus on how many fish they could catch. 

Luciano and Placido fought over who got to use the last fishing rod. Eventually they realized it was too big for either of them to use alone, so they partnered up to figure out how to team fish with one rod.

A small group protested, shouting the famous line from the movie Finding Nemo "Fish are friends, not food!"

Some how they had missed the memo that this was a catch and release trip, and in their protesting blocked Annie and Stegman from releasing the fish caught by Vlad, Tootsie, and Jose.

Rather than fish or protest, Gertrude chose to take a dip in the water.

A great time was had by all - even Vlad and Tootsie managed to put their differences aside and enjoy each others company.